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Student Comments

Very detailed information and hands on training.
John B.
Litchfield Park, AZ
Intro to Defensive Pistol Class

What I liked most was the course's detail. I have never owned a handgun but I really feel like I can properly own and operate one. The instructor did a great job of relating to me and speaking to me on my level.
Jack J.
Phoenix Arizona

With the events of the last two weeks in Tucson, it should make us all aware of what can potentially happen, even to those of us not in the public spotlight.  I want to personally thank you for the defensive handgun course I took from you last September.  I learned a great deal and, because of that class and the shooting in Tucson, I have taken inventory of my personal handgun collection, self defense weaponry and home defense systems.  As I may have told in the class, I am moving from pistols to revolvers.  Last week I purchased a S&W revolver for home defense, and maybe IDPA shooting, and I feel much more secure.  That and my Ruger LCR for OC/CCW and also a pocket Bond Arms derringer and I might be prepared for the unexpected.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your class has heightened the alert for at least one person.  Thank you and if there's anything I can do to help you in your efforts, just let me know.
Stephen D
Goodyear, Arizona

"Mr. Mock
Thank you very much for the instruction you gave me on January 9th in the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. I have taken your advice and started my search for a pistol either 9mm or .40."
Stephen D.
Goodyear, Arizona
NRA Basic Pistol Class

The instructor's experience through his life makes him very qualified and informative on this topic. I look forward to the possibility of having more classes with him in the future.
Damian D.
Buckeye, Arizona
Arizona CCW Class

Organized-Presentation of information very clear. Easy learning pace-no stress. Lots of information-Great suggestions for info-websites.
Patti B.
Tolleson, Arizona
Arizona CCW Class

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