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Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions

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Arizona Weaponcraft


A division of Johnnie L. Mock PSP Security Consultants LLC.

NRA Certified Training Courses. Individual and group tactical firearms training

Individual personal defensive firearms training

Security Seminars

Preparation and Survival Seminars

Private firearms instruction

                                                             Arizona CCW class

Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions was established in order to make available over 30 years of professional small arms training and use experience available to law abiding citizens, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. 
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                                   We offer the following training

1. NRA Certified Courses in Rifle, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Home Firearms Safety.

2. Defensive Handgun, Kalashnikov (AK), Defensive Shotgun, and Tactical Rifle.

3. Customized training to meet the needs of your group or organization.

4. Individual training for those wishing to train in privacy.

5. Arizona Armed and Unarmed Security Guard certified classes

6. Security and Safety training and seminars for individuals, groups, and organizations.(Please see our Security Consulting Website using the link on the left).

7. Fingerprinting service in your home.

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  Protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms!

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